Friday, May 20, 2016

We Rise By Lifting Others......


Almost a year ago I joined an amazing girl group! I'm not going to lie I was a little hesitate at first because I don't do the whole group thing too well. And My brother laughed at me and said I was buying friends. All that aside I am so happy to be part of an amazing group of ladies. I have attended some beautiful events over the past year and I am so thankful for this. Circle Seven Five is about Community, Networking, Value & Partnerships. Not too long ago we had our #CSFSpringFling....And it was just perfect! It was a Beautiful day of laughter, beauty, flowers, champagne & of course cake. With the Dallas Arboretum as our backdrop. Looking back through all my pics it made me smile. It made me smile because today as women, as small business owners, as human-beings we become so wrapped up with "competition" wrapped up in "She doesn't like me" "They Don't Like me." Consumed with being "The Mean Girl". I use to not understand that we truly rise by lifting others. I didn't know that being mean, and beating ones down WAS NOT showing that I was tough & strong. But in actuality that I was weak. I was scared of my own insecurities. And the only way I could cover this weakness up was by being mean. Once I realized that nothing compares to peace....peace within yourself. A "You DON'T have to wear pink on Wednesday" sort of peace. You then get the big picture. We don't have to compare, we don't have to compete. This world is built with so many different, beautiful women, with so many talents. We are all gifts! Gifts to ourselves, Gifts from God & gifts to our community. In the end its #CommunityOverCompetition & #WomenEmpoweringWomen.....Because Remember
ONLY "empowered" women "EMPOWER" women. Take a peek of a few pics from this beautiful day. A few from us The Iman Project , a few from the Founder of (Circle Seven Five) Cassidy Raye Fischer and of course the amazing photographer. Cottonwood Road Photography




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