Monday, July 11, 2016

BLOOM......Where you are planted.

We have all heard the saying so many times before. "Bloom where you are planted" but do we really know what it means? This means a person should take advantage of the opportunities they have in their life and be grateful for what surrounds them, because wonderful people and places exist around us only when we choose to seek them out. Well this past Saturday I was given an opportunity to not only BLOOM once but twice. I was invited to BLOOM...the picnic by the beautiful host Aquia of The Faux Fancy You ask what does BLOOM stand for? {Black Looks Outstanding On Me}It was a beautiful evening of networking, melanin praising, fellowshipping, and love spreading. To say the least it was slightly needed. With everything going on right here in our own city and to humanity. Love Spreading this weekend was at the top of my list. #duh

Days in Dallas have been long, awkward and draining lately for most including myself. All of our hearts have been heavy and weighed down with confusion, annoyance, anger, grief and sadness. As humans we are not built to be sad all the time. Or filled with so much anger this plays such a huge toil on each and every one of us. Spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. So when Saturday evening came..... I smiled, I laughed, I shedded tears of Joy. There were deep conversations, there was wonderful food and fabulous fellowshipping. Each Beautiful QUEEN brought a dish along with their beautiful story. We all needed this. The room was filled with talks of married life, single life, our business, dating, race, culture & love.

The food was served Pot Luck style. We were each able to bring our fav dishes. I don't think some wanted to share theirs all the way. In hopes they  would have more  to take back to the apartment. Did anyone say Mattitos Queso Dip lol. {Completely understand why was}I made tea sandwiches and ofcourse played with florals & my handmade Mexican blankets. All in all BLOOM...the picnic was a hit. And even though we were suppose to be outside and our plans were brought inside. We were still able to spread the stories, the laughter, the hugs and the love AND that is PRICELESS.

Bree Iman

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