Monday, July 11, 2016

BLOOM......Where you are planted.

We have all heard the saying so many times before. "Bloom where you are planted" but do we really know what it means? This means a person should take advantage of the opportunities they have in their life and be grateful for what surrounds them, because wonderful people and places exist around us only when we choose to seek them out. Well this past Saturday I was given an opportunity to not only BLOOM once but twice. I was invited to BLOOM...the picnic by the beautiful host Aquia of The Faux Fancy You ask what does BLOOM stand for? {Black Looks Outstanding On Me}It was a beautiful evening of networking, melanin praising, fellowshipping, and love spreading. To say the least it was slightly needed. With everything going on right here in our own city and to humanity. Love Spreading this weekend was at the top of my list. #duh

Days in Dallas have been long, awkward and draining lately for most including myself. All of our hearts have been heavy and weighed down with confusion, annoyance, anger, grief and sadness. As humans we are not built to be sad all the time. Or filled with so much anger this plays such a huge toil on each and every one of us. Spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially. So when Saturday evening came..... I smiled, I laughed, I shedded tears of Joy. There were deep conversations, there was wonderful food and fabulous fellowshipping. Each Beautiful QUEEN brought a dish along with their beautiful story. We all needed this. The room was filled with talks of married life, single life, our business, dating, race, culture & love.

The food was served Pot Luck style. We were each able to bring our fav dishes. I don't think some wanted to share theirs all the way. In hopes they  would have more  to take back to the apartment. Did anyone say Mattitos Queso Dip lol. {Completely understand why was}I made tea sandwiches and ofcourse played with florals & my handmade Mexican blankets. All in all BLOOM...the picnic was a hit. And even though we were suppose to be outside and our plans were brought inside. We were still able to spread the stories, the laughter, the hugs and the love AND that is PRICELESS.

Bree Iman

Friday, May 20, 2016

We Rise By Lifting Others......


Almost a year ago I joined an amazing girl group! I'm not going to lie I was a little hesitate at first because I don't do the whole group thing too well. And My brother laughed at me and said I was buying friends. All that aside I am so happy to be part of an amazing group of ladies. I have attended some beautiful events over the past year and I am so thankful for this. Circle Seven Five is about Community, Networking, Value & Partnerships. Not too long ago we had our #CSFSpringFling....And it was just perfect! It was a Beautiful day of laughter, beauty, flowers, champagne & of course cake. With the Dallas Arboretum as our backdrop. Looking back through all my pics it made me smile. It made me smile because today as women, as small business owners, as human-beings we become so wrapped up with "competition" wrapped up in "She doesn't like me" "They Don't Like me." Consumed with being "The Mean Girl". I use to not understand that we truly rise by lifting others. I didn't know that being mean, and beating ones down WAS NOT showing that I was tough & strong. But in actuality that I was weak. I was scared of my own insecurities. And the only way I could cover this weakness up was by being mean. Once I realized that nothing compares to peace....peace within yourself. A "You DON'T have to wear pink on Wednesday" sort of peace. You then get the big picture. We don't have to compare, we don't have to compete. This world is built with so many different, beautiful women, with so many talents. We are all gifts! Gifts to ourselves, Gifts from God & gifts to our community. In the end its #CommunityOverCompetition & #WomenEmpoweringWomen.....Because Remember
ONLY "empowered" women "EMPOWER" women. Take a peek of a few pics from this beautiful day. A few from us The Iman Project , a few from the Founder of (Circle Seven Five) Cassidy Raye Fischer and of course the amazing photographer. Cottonwood Road Photography




Be You. Do Dallas. Make Community.

Get Social! Pick from over 15 experiences every month to add a little more 🎉 🎉 to your calendar. Enjoy awesome perks about town and use our network to meet friends, make adventures, and get the most out of your city! If you would like to be part of an amazing community check out Circle Seven Five

Friday, April 29, 2016

#DallasLove......#Kwestival Style #Duh

Photo Compliments of Beckley & Co

Kwestival......Welcome to OUR Neighborhood
Wow Wow & Wow! Saturday April 23, 2016 was amazing! It was a day that showed Dallas....What Dallas, Texas is all about. This fabulous family friendly event was put together by @kwest & a very special lady....who I am beyond honored to call my friend @threetwelveco (Lauren Lee) aka @Lalacakes aka " The Mayor of Dallas" This event was the first of its kind that took place at Klyde Warren Park. 12 Dallas neighborhoods, 60 plus local vendors all were in one local place. Kwestival was just what Dallas needed. The Food, The Talk, The People, The Laughs....Everything. We had the pleasure of throwing our Chic, Southern Boho Charm inside the VIP Tent. That included... our "McKinney Avenue" Farmhouse Tables. This was also the birth of our Handmade Wooden Wall by my husband that paired perfectly with a few local vendors designs & décor. Ladies & Gents! The VIP Tent, the event....just Downtown Dallas was perfect!! We are so looking forward to the next one! Don't believe us take a peek & fall in love with Dallas, Tx all over again just like we did! #duh
Bree & Carlos    


Last but not least....major shout-out to the other fab VIP sponsors! Their Passion, Love and Smiles made the day even more perfect! Make sure you check them out!
#FamilyFaithFood & #FarmhouseTables

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where's The Iman Project.....

We know you have missed us and we have missed you too Dolls & Gents! Let's just say we have been blowing and going. Oh Gosh we have so many new things too share!! Did you know we are now offering Handmade Farmhouse Tables!!?! Yes Drool!! They are Ahhhhmazing! So you must stay tuned and check these babies out! So its Goodnight and not Goodbye because we will be back quicker then you can say "Where is The Iman Project?"

Bree Iman

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let's Get Social!

With a new year, comes a fresh twist on a fan favorite. CultureMap is teaming up with Dallas Art Fair to bring you Social: The Arts Edition on Wednesday, March 11. This time around, Fashion Industry Gallery will serve as the canvas for our famous happy hour féte. Here are all the fabulous details:

*Get creative in Cadillac’s Air Graffiti photo booth
*Browse gorgeous goods at a pop up from one of the city's best kept shopping secrets: the Crow Collection's Lotus Shop
*Enjoy a beverage in the Post Properties Lounge
*Create your own masterpiece in the Pinot’s Palette Paint Studio
*Give your nails an edgy update, courtesy of MiniLuxe
*Take home Must Have Swag from Read Between the Lines and Foot Cardigan
*Get smart about art courtesy of Dallas Art Fair and experience a super cool video installation from Zhulong Gallery
*Plus, bites by Savor Gastropub (stay tuned for info on the after party) and tunes by DJ Blake Ward

For this artful Social, we’re proud to partner with the Dallas Museum of Art Junior Associates, Dallas Association of Young Lawyers and Downtown Dallas Inc.

Tickets are $20 and include wine, beer, bites and valet. Get yours, before they sell out. They can be purchased at 

I would love to see you there! xoxo-Bree Iman

So we are just a little extra excited about the announcement just made about 2015 DFW Restaurant Week!! Where else can you Dine Out, Discover new restaurants and give back!? The 18th annual DFW Restaurant week duh! This fab event will take place August 10-15 (of course they will extend to other weeks once we get closer, to the date)  I strongly suggest that you treat yourself while helping others. So make sure you stay tune for more fab details on where you should be! The Iman Project will be sure to bring you a full line up! Bon Appetite!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown,
stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!

-Phil 4:1
In Philippians 4:1, Paul calls the Philippians his “joy and crown”. These believers are his source of joy and the purpose for his life on earth. Much as a parent would call a child their “pride and joy”, Paul receives significance in this life and in the life to come by establishing the Philippians in the faith and sharing with them his heart and the good word.
We are called to live our lives so that others may come to know the love of Christ. Many Christians pursue pleasure, position, power, prestige, popularity, possessions, and performance; however, Paul pursues people.  Paul is expressing the value that he places on those relationships – they are as precious as a crown.  He recognizes that only people, love, and God’s Word are eternal. Everything else will fade away like a mist in the night.


Our vision is to invest in others, our Joy & Crown, by:
  • spreading God’s love through fun and meaningful designs
  • offer high quality apparel that uplifts and inspires the world around us
  • donate to and create awareness for social issues
We are so proud and happy of our friend with their newest business venture. Meet two friends changing the world through inspirational designs on super soft tees. They believe in promoting positivity and this is their way of showing it!

Meet Ali!
Ali is getting her screen printing muscles by hand pulling your shirts with love! She is the one working tirelessly to get your custom order made and shipped to you in a timely fashion. Ali also is the one that you can contact with questions or send her your testimonial on how much you love Joy & Crown (you might end up on our blog)!

Meet Jenny!
Curious as to how they get these awesome sayings looking so awesome? It is this girl. Jenny creates each original design in between shaping the design minds of the future. Custom orders don’t upset them! Email Joy & Crown and Jenny will work with you to create your perfect design!

So there you go Guys & Dolls....take a peek at and have fun! I know we are about to! ~xoxoxo Bree